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The Gift of Time

September 20, 20222 min read

After feeling so restricted for the last 2 years the greatest gift we can give to our loved ones is the gift of time together.

There has been a growing trend away from the overconsumption of material objects, swapping products for meaningful experiences, and the isolation caused by the pandemic has only heightened this movement.

There is a significant body of science backing up the fact that humans form richer, stronger memories tied to adventures and experiences, compared to memories attributed to material objects. The fact that more shoppers are considering alternative gifts, has also been linked to consumers becoming more eco-conscious. Shoppers are more mindful of what products they’re purchasing, where it’s coming from and how this affects their carbon footprint.

Choosing the perfect present for your loved ones can be a tricky business, and it’s even more difficult to find something you can be sure they’ll love, but as we place more value on time spent together and the long lasting memories that experiences create, it gives us a whole new wealth of gifting ideas, from Afternoon Tea to Skydiving, a Sculpture workshop to a weekend Spa break.

We feel so much joy with experiences because they’re such a drawn out process, and the time before an adventure can be nearly as exciting as the experience itself. The additional bonus of gifting experiences is that often the bestower gets to be in on the action too- enriching your own life and adding joy to your relationship- so go ahead and get excited about the next gift experience you can choose for your loved ones!

 If you fancy joining us with your loved ones for some creative fun, grab a gift voucher from the website - with immediate delivery to your inbox and over 40 adult workshops to choose from, it couldn't be easier!

Much love, Rachel xx

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Rachel Pullen

Founder of Craft MY Day Ltd

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