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Crafting for Wellness

April 02, 20244 min read

“Crafting is not just about making things, it’s about making memories.” – Unknown

6 reasons to craft

Crafting for Wellness: How Creativity Enhances Mental Health

Life is too full of worries - it is like an endless carousel of them - we worry about one thing today and then tomorrow - whether todays concern has been fixed or not - we move onto the next!

Often the thing we are fixated on today will never be resolved, it will just become less significant as something else takes over, or it will disappear due to actions completely out of our control. We really are just worriers!

Our perception of life and events are what creates our experience, rather than the events themselves. So much of our perception comes from watching the news each day and hearing other peoples concerns about our environment and things that we have no direct control over. With an average of 60,000 thoughts a day running through our heads it is hard to keep from spiralling with all this negativity and we need to find ways to 'switch off' and calm our busy minds.

It is not our fault, we are hardwired this way. Our brains are still set to expect a bear to come around the corner to eat us or struggle to survive and find food in winter. But our lives today are easy when we compare on a scale like that!

So - What can we do? Find a hobby!

Whether it's crafts, baking, gardening, music, or sports, these little pockets of joy keep us going, providing a much-needed escape from the chaos of everyday life.

Speaking from personal experience, I cannot imagine my life without crafting and other hobbies like walking my dogs. It's what feeds my soul and keeps me sane amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

I run a busy craft studio that teaches both adults and kids. But my business is so much more than just teaching crafts—it's about creating a safe space where people can step out of their busy lives, relax, and learn new skills in a fun and safe environment.

And let's talk about the elephant in the room—crafting is not just about making pretty things.

Oh no, it's a powerhouse of mental health benefits! Here are 7 reasons to pick up a crafting hobby;

  1. Crafting has been proven to be good for your health?

    It's true! In fact, craft has a long history of being used to help with anxiety, dating all the way back to the First World War when basket weaving was prescribed to relieve anxiety in soldiers. If it worked for them, it can work for us too!

  2. It boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel better about yourself.

    But how exactly does crafting work its magic? As adults, we often set ridiculously high expectations for ourselves, striving for perfection in everything we do. But as a craft teacher, one of my top priorities is to get my students to embrace their imperfections. You only learn from making mistakes, and allowing yourself to not be perfect is truly liberating!

  3. The joy of completing a project.

    Whether it's a wonky scarf or a lopsided pottery mug, the sense of accomplishment you feel when you finish something is priceless. Plus, according to research commissioned by BBC Arts, even the briefest time spent on a creative pastime has a positive impact on our wellbeing and emotions. So, go ahead, pick up that paintbrush or dust off that piano—it's good for you!

  4. Crafting is also an excellent way to achieve mindfulness.

    Some repetitive crafts, like knitting or colouring, are fantastic at inducing the 'flow' state, where you're completely immersed in the moment. There's nothing like losing yourself in a ball of yarn to melt away your worries and reduce stress hormones.

  5. It's great for keeping your brain active and healthy.

    It exercises different areas of the brain, including problem-solving, concentration, and creativity. Plus, crafting has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce depression and anxiety, and even slow the onset of dementia. Who knew that sitting around drinking tea and crafting could be as beneficial as yoga?

  6. And let's not forget about the social aspect of crafting.

    Whether you're attending a craft class or joining a knitting circle, crafting brings people together, reducing loneliness and increasing a sense of belonging. With so many different crafts out there, there's something for everyone—whether you're methodical and mathematical or spontaneous and free-spirited.

  7. Crafting is a fantastic way to support our children.

    In a world where anxiety is on the rise, teaching our kids to enjoy the process of creating and take pride in their accomplishments is more important than ever. Crafting is a fantastic way to boost their self-esteem, get them off those screens. Working on projects together can really improve relationships and lift your home environment, filling it with creative memories.

So, whether you're a seasoned crafter or a complete novice, I urge you to give crafting a try.

At Craft My Day, we pride ourselves on offering a safe and inclusive space for people to explore their creativity. So why not join us for a class? Who knows, you might just find a new passion—and improve your mental health in the process!

Life is learning, my friends, so don't ever stop exploring and creating!

Much Love,

Rachel xxx

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Rachel Pullen

Founder of Craft MY Day Ltd

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