Craft My Day is on a mission to turn crafting into a joyous adventure, where escaping modern life's stresses meets the thrill of creative exploration.

We're here to be your haven of fun and relaxation, bringing people together to laugh, create, and discover the pure delight that crafting can bring.

Our core purpose is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for people of all ages and abilities, fostering creativity and forging connections within the community.

From quirky workshops to sustainability shenanigans and innovative ventures like corporate events and online workshops, we aspire to achieve a profound impact — making crafting a source of joy, community building, and personal transformation for everyone we touch.

Our goal is simple: to make Craft My Day the happiest place to be, where joy, community, and personal transformation collide in the most delightful way!


Are you looking for a safe and welcoming space to explore your creative side?

At Craft My Day, we've created just that, a vibrant community where individuals of all ages and abilities can nurture their wellbeing and discover their spark of creativity.

Our mission is to provide a haven where you can escape the stresses of daily life and embrace the therapeutic benefits of crafting.

In today's hectic world, we understand the importance of slowing down and finding moments of calm. Crafting becomes a therapeutic journey that combines the benefits of mindfulness with the joy of creation.

Our workshops cover a wide range of crafts, guided by expert tutors who provide hands-on experiences, allowing you to explore your creative potential.

Craft My Day is not just about crafting; we are a supportive craft community that sparks joy, creates memories, and ignites your spark of creativity.

Step into our world and let us help you craft a brighter, more mindful future..

Meet the team

Our Excellent &

Expert Staff

Rachel Pullen - Founder of Craft My Day

Hi! Let me introduce myself, I'm Rachel, the founder of Craft My Day! Many of my students have told me I have their dream job and I wholeheartedly agree - I have my dream job too!

Sharing the love of craft and helping our local community is at the heart of what we do.I am so proud to run Craft My Day. I am proud that we get such amazing feedback, that we have inspired so many, and that we have created a beautiful space that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive to all ages and abilities.

I say ‘We’ because I have a growing, amazing team of local artists and creatives, that all hold similar beliefs and who are a joy to work with. I couldn’t do it without them.

Recent years through Covid were definitely tough but it has also shown how important craft is, for mindfulness, to combat isolation, to grow confidence or to just take some time out from our busy lives – the illusive ‘me’ time is very important!

I am now a proud owner of two studios - One in Worcester Park and my new studio in Thames Ditton! We have a talented pool of tutors at each of our studios, with some hosting at both. Be sure to keep an eye out for any local events we feature in. I look forward to meeting you at one of our workshops, and I'm sure my staff feel just the same.

Much Love, Rachel xx

Caldey and Annie

Worcester Park Team

Caldey, our Manager at our Worcester Park studio, started her journey with us as a party host! She now teaches our After-School Kids Clubs plus Adult Workshops such as, Acrylic Pouring, Powertex Sculptures, Jewellery and Macramé.

With a multidisciplinary background in art, graphic design and media, Caldey has a vast collection of skills that are perfect for Craft My Day and she loves what she does. Her main aim is to make sure everyone enjoys their time at the studio, making full use of all the materials on offer and goes home as a happy and confident crafter.

Annie teaches our kids craft clubs and birthday parties. She has always been creative and ran her own craft franchise for many years. As well as creating her unique illustrated characters, she comes up with amazing projects for Craft Club too. Annie is always enthusiastic and a joy to be around, plus she has an abundance of creative ideas the children are always thrilled about!

Sonia, Helen and Adrienne

Thames Ditton Team

Sonia's passion is papercrafting but she can turn her hand to most crafts! She comes from a teaching background but is never happier than knee deep in craft materials, whether surrounded by textiles, wool or inks!

Helen is also from a teaching background and helps with our many kids clubs and parties! She is always there to support the kids in their creative adventures!

Adrienne runs our Art club. Moving from a background in banking, she decided to following her passions and now creates the most amazing variety of ideas for the kids!

Janice Kutzner

Sewing Tutor & Artist

Janice has been teaching sewing classes to both kids and adults at Craft My Day for many years! She has a wealth of experience and has also been a pattern tester for 'Sew over it'.

She is an incredibly talented tutor who creates amazing pieces and has recently expanded to beautiful pet portraits were she creates intricate, life-like pencil drawings that are absolutely stunning!

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The Sewing Nut

Quilting & Sewing Tutor

Our very own 'As seen on TV' quilting star! After a life changing experience Anna decided to follow her original dreams and get sewing every day while continuing her musical life.

As a qualified and experienced teacher she has a passion for teaching others to sew and hosts our popular weekly sewing clubs, which see's lots of regular faces as well as her range of Quilting workshops!

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Swallow Mosaics

Glass Mosaics

Tina is our very talented and creative Mosaics Tutor, who has an amazing collection to inspire your own Mosaic Art. Tina enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills as she guides you to create something you are proud of owning (or gifting as people often do).

It is such a joy to see Tina set up her boxes of colourful magic on the table, ready to be crafted into unique and very personal designs.

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Cheeky hats crochet

Crochet Tutor

Andrea has recently returned to working with us and we are so happy to have her back!

She runs our Worcester Park Crochet classes and helps at kids parties and clubs.

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Posey and Pearls

Jewellery Tutor

Mandy is the jewellery tutor here at Craft My Day and a Surrey based jewellery designer, maker and photographer behind Posey and Pearls Jewellery.

She is a very experienced tutor and has taught jewellery making for over 15 years working for a leading brand in Covent Garden, London before becoming a mum and setting up her own company and now working as a tutor here.

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Worcester Park & Thames Ditton

29 High Street, Thames Ditton, KT7 0SD

29 High St, Thames Ditton KT7 0SD, UK

42 Central Road, Worcester Park, KT4 7JY

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Can I reschedule or cancel my booking?

Yes, up to 7 days before the event you can cancel or reschedule your booking, directly from the link on your confirmation email. Within 7 days we will allow reschedules for reasonable uncontrollable circumstances. Unfortunately if you cancel within 24 hrs, we are unable to give any refund or reschedule for any reason.

What is the pricing structure for your classes?

Our average adult workshop price is £55 for a 3 hr group workshop. This includes all materials and light refreshments in a small group class with expert tuition. Some of our classes may be higher or lower dependant on class length and materials cost. VAT is included in all our pricing.

We do run lower cost weekly daytime classes, from £10 per session, for regular customers, with bundle deals for attending multiple classes.

How do I book a Corporate event/ Adult party?

You can select the size of your party and your preferred date on our booking page. If the date is unavailable you will be offered 3 similar alternatives. No money will be taken until the date is confirmed. We offer a range of crafts which you can select at booking and one of our team will be in touch to talk through the details.

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What age do you take children from?

We accept children from age 6 at the studio, due to the dexterity and concentration needed for the crafts we offer.

How do I book a Children's party?

We have live availability on our Children's party booking page. We do fill up quite fast so it is best to secure you preferred date and time, we can reschedule it if there is a problem.

If you are unsure of numbers you can book for a smaller group and add extra guests later. We do not need individual guest names, please just add them as guest 1, etc.

All materials and party food is included in the event price.

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Can I add an extra guest to my event?

Yes! We can cater for up to 12 Guests . if you have booked for less, please email us at [email protected] to add extra's or update us on allergies.

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Embrace Craft Workshops to Fuel Your Creative Journey

June 21, 20233 min read

Are you a crafter seeking to take your artistic prowess to new heights?

Do you yearn to infuse your creations with a touch of uniqueness and distinction?

If so, then it's time to unlock the power of craft workshops.

These immersive experiences offer a gateway to expanding your skill set, igniting your imagination, and propelling your artwork into uncharted territories. In this blog post, we'll explore how the experience gained from trying different crafts can empower you to create more eclectic and distinctive artwork. So, grab your tools and let's embark on a journey of creative exploration!

Craft workshops are treasure troves of knowledge, offering you the opportunity to delve into various artistic disciplines. From ceramics to sculpting, jewellery making to paper crafts, these workshops expose you to diverse techniques, tools, and materials. By participating in different crafts, you broaden your skill set, equipping yourself with a tapestry of abilities that can be interwoven to create something truly exceptional.

Craft workshops go beyond teaching practical skills. They nurture a fertile ground for inspiration, where ideas from different crafts can cross-pollinate and flourish. Imagine incorporating the delicate intricacies of embroidery into your metalwork or infusing your pottery with the vibrant colors of painting. The fusion of styles and concepts born from these interdisciplinary explorations can breathe life into your artwork, setting it apart from the ordinary.

Crafting is a journey filled with challenges, and craft workshops are your secret weapon for mastering the art of problem-solving. Each craft presents unique hurdles to overcome, encouraging you to think outside the box and find innovative solutions. As you navigate these obstacles with the gentle guidance of a specialist tutor, your ability to adapt and experiment grows. These honed problem-solving skills become invaluable assets, empowering you to create distinctive artwork that pushes boundaries.

Craft workshops introduce you to an array of materials, some of which may be completely unfamiliar to you. By exploring these uncharted territories, you open yourself up to a world of artistic possibilities. Picture incorporating repurposed objects, textiles, or even natural elements into your creations.

Craft workshops are not just about technique; they are catalysts for personal growth and self-expression. Each new craft you explore offers a chance to discover hidden facets of your artistic identity. As you immerse yourself in these creative experiences, you'll find that certain crafts resonate with you on a deeper level. This self-discovery becomes the foundation for infusing your artwork with your unique voice, creating pieces that truly reflect your individuality.

Comfort zones can stifle artistic growth, but discovering new crafts are the antidote to creative stagnation. They embolden you to break free from the confines of convention and explore uncharted territories. Attending workshops ensures you enter a creative environment that encourages risk-taking and experimentation. By pushing your creative boundaries, you unleash a surge of innovation, resulting in artwork that stands out from the crowd.

Craft workshops are not merely spaces to learn new skills; they are gateways to unlocking your artistic eclecticism. Embrace the opportunity to explore different crafts, materials, and techniques.

With each workshop, you'll gain the skills, inspiration, and problem-solving prowess needed to create artwork that leaves a lasting impression.

So, crafters  it's time to attend those workshops, immerse yourselves in creative journeys, and watch as your artwork becomes a mesmerizing tapestry of distinction! But most of all have fun and learn a new trick or two!

Much love,

Rachel xx


Rachel Pullen

Founder of Craft MY Day Ltd

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