Fairies and fantasy

It must be spring as I have fairies on my mind! I have chosen a fairy motif to use on my top, in a silver sparkly vinyl to contrast with the black satin. I was going to do stars, but was distracted by fairy designs… that’s the problem with trawling the net for images!!! If you look on google you can select ‘search tools’ and then search for images that are free to reuse. As mentioned before you can use cricut images and pay for them individually but i love the process of finding or drawing my own design, then uploading it into the cricut design space.

I uploaded this fairy design, added a couple of stars from ‘free shapes’ in the design space and then, when they were in the correct position, touching the main design, i welded them all together to make into one cut out shape.IMG_2016-03-26_22-55-29

Once you are happy with the design click the cricut symbol and it will take you to the next screen. Here you can apply the ‘reverse for iron on transfer’ feature which will flip the design automatically! Load the iron on material onto the sticky mat, with the clear plastic facing down, load and press go! Once the cut is completed peel off the excess material and any intricate cutting form the middle.

The design will still be attached to ghe clear plastic backing to keep the spacings correct, place the design, right side up, in position on your fabric. Place a tea towel or similar over the top and press  with a hot iron to bond the vinyl to the fabric.

This is a really fun way to customise your work but if you don’t come from a sewing background you can easily add these to bought items to create your own designs…. sayings, images, anything you like!!


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