Sew little time…

Feeling rather guilty that I have not completed my promised project by the end of the month and we seem to be heading rather fast into the next..(I will blame the shortness of the month!) but as always I have a crafty plan …I will continue with the simple top but combine it with my next craft …… a die cutting machine called the ‘Cricut’….I love this machine….. most people will use it for card stock but, for me, it really comes into its own when used with textiles, it can cut iron-on materials as well as leather and felt! I have only had my machine since November, but it is soooooo much fun that I have to include it!! Obviously, again, it is a bit of an investment. …. and I am finding that some of the stock products are also adding up fast… but the finished items are stunning and very professional.

Look forward to sharing …..

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