In the bag…. part 2


10 steps of construction….

  1. Pin the outer fabric, right sides together, and sew 3 sides at a 2cm seam allowance with a straight stitch, leaving the top open.
  2. Repeat on the lining fabric, leaving an extra 10cm gap in the centre of the bottom. Remember to reverse at the beginning and end of each line of stitching.
  3. Zig zag stitch around all sewn edges to stop fraying. Snip the bottom corners off and turn the outer fabric to the right side. Poke the corners with some closed scissors or a knitting needle to get a point.
  4. Fold handles in half, right sides together and pin.
  5. Sew at a 0.5cm seam allowance. Zig zag raw edge, then turn right side out.
  6. Pin the handles to the outside of the bag, equal widths apart, one on each side as shown.
  7. Put the whole ‘bag’ inside the lining. Pin all around the top… It should be a sandwich with the right sides of fabrics facing each other and the handles in the middle.
  8. Sew all around the top at 2cm seam allowance, then zig zag raw edges.
  9. Pull whole bag through the gap in the bottom of the lining.
  10. Fold bottom of lining along seam and top stitch to close gap.

Push lining inside the bag and press.

Well done, your finished !!!!

Next week I shall be making a simple top….. stay tuned!










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