Sew……are we ready??


So I really think that machine sewing is the best craft for all you people out there who do not believe that they are artistic…. because the truth is that sewing a straight line on a sewing machine is really easy …. and the complicated part is actually the mathematics and following patterns! It really helps to have a logical/ problem solving mind rather than artistic flair! Obviously that doesn’t mean your finished product will not be beautiful. … but choosing fabrics is much easier than drawing or painting. ..
So obviously you need a sewing machine to do this and it is a big investment. My advice is to spend your maximum budget, as a good machine will last you many years…. and if you do master the craft, it could save you hundreds of pounds in alterations / curtains etc… as well as giving you an amazing amount of satisfaction that we are really lacking in our throwaway society!! Quite a few shops will let you try the machines and can give you advice on the best one to suit your budget. .. but look out for online bundle deals where you can get a ton of thread, scissors and other essential extras thrown in for free!!  I teach beginner classes and so totally recommended taking a basic course to get you started, mostly to give you the confidence to go ahead and tackle projects on your own….don’t expect to be perfect from day one, it all takes practise!!!! I will be putting up some great little projects to try over the month….. so if you have been thinking about buying, have a machine from your granny sitting in the loft or bought one years ago and haven’t ever got going, maybe this is the time to bring it out!!

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