the crafty plan ….

Quite scared to actually put out my first post on this 
new blog of mine.... but I have so much creativity that
I am dying to share with here goes.....!!!

I am a crafter through and through and am always hunting 
out and trying new crafts (husband rolls eyes!) My 
drawers are bursting and I feel the need for some order in 
my crafting chaos... so the plan is to share with you one 
craft each month.... I will try my best to break down 
each craft to give you an overview of fun factor, cost, 
and ability level as well as tools needed to give you a 
great start. I will share some cool inspiring ideas/patterns...
and hope that I can inspire you to try some of the traditional but 
also some new and unusual crafts I have found over the years!!!!
I am hoping that for me, working in one medium, 
exploring it a bit further and completing a project 
each month will be super fun....and I hope I will bring you 
some unusual crafts that you will love to try!
So who am I?? I graduated from London College of Fashion with a 
degree in Costume and Technical Effects (puppets and crazy stuff!)
and worked in Film, TV and Events before having kids. I stayed home 
to look after my 3 kids, for which I am totally grateful, and along 
the way have made money through a variety of crafts... from making 
curtains to baby hand and foot castings. For the past year I have been 
teaching sewing classes at a private studio which I LOVE... I will 
start this month with the craft of machine sewing to ease myself in.... 
Hope you enjoy!!!!

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